The official website of drummer, and filmmaker, Collin Kennedy.


Collin Kennedy, is the drummer for the Blue Moon Band, and a filmmaker with credits in 12 films + a music video, He has multiple film festival wins and awards. Collin is also a

professional technology consultant with 25 years in technical event staging and audio visual systems design.

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Film credits:

Those Sneaky Devils!—writer director, editor, composer.

(winner 2005 SouthSlam Film Festival)


The FireWriter, director, editor, composer, digital effects.

(screened at the 2006 SouthSlam FF, and the 2006 Dallas Film Series)


The Other Cheek— digital cinematographer.


Waitlessnesswriter director, editor, digital effects.


Sanctus Donumdirector,

(winner 2006 Dallas Video Association 24 hour race, bronze award)


Unglueddigital cinematographer, digital effects, composer, co-editor.

(winner Best Editing in a Short Film 2008 Treasure Coast International Film Festival, winner Best Drama 2008 SouthSlam film festival)


Button PusherDirector / DP, co-writer, composer. (contestant 2008 IndieClub Gong Show)


Found & LostDirector / DP, editor (winner 1st Place Guerilla Division DVA 24 hour race 2008


4-Way Stop, The MusicalDirector / DP, editor (winner 2nd Place Hollywood Division DVA 24 hour race 2009


Kavi-R “It’s the Shoes”  - Director / DP, editor, digital effects. Music video for the dancer / singer Kavi-R.